Can I cancel my Booking?

Yes, you can cancel your Booking. We allow parking locations to choose their own cancellation policy. Some locations accept cancellations until 30 minutes prior to arrival, other truck parking locations can be cancelled free of charge 4 hours before your arrival time.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?

You can find the cancellation policy on the detail page of each parking by selecting the parking you are interested in and press "show details".

How do I cancel my Booking ?

Reservations created via can be cancelled via your account pages. Sign in at, press Reservations here you find an overview of all your reservations. Here you can cancel the reservation.

How do I cancel my Booking via the Driver app?

Open the Truck Parking Europe Driver app and sign in. Press the top menu and go to reservations, here you can easily adjust your Bookings and reservations.