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How do I invite other drivers, planners and managers to my account?

You can easily invite other drivers, planning- or security managers via your own account. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in on our web application, app.truckparkingeurope.com
  2. Press on your name top right and select My account
  3. Next press on Agents
  4. Press Add new agent to invite a colleague.
  5. Enter the details of your colleague and press invite at the bottom.
    1. User type. If you are a parking operator select Operator. If you are a transport company select Dispatcher.
    2. User role. If you wish that the user can invite other users and have full access to your account select Owner. When the user is allowed to create Bookings please select Agent.
    3. Your colleague will receive an invitation and after acceptance and created a password he or she can sign in and start using the Booking platform to find and reserve parking spots. *


Can invited users create a Booking on my account?

Yes, everyone that you invite can make a Booking at any of our Bookable partner locations.

* BE AWARE! At the moment you need to enter a payment method for each user separately.