What is the leaderboard and ranking for, in the Truck Parking Europe Driver app?

To show which drivers are actively providing fellow truck drivers with information on truck parking spots across Europe.

The Truck Parking Europe Driver app is constantly growing as a result of our community members whom are constantly exchanging and providing information on truck parking locations across Europe.

Each time that you or a driver assess or register a parking area we will give you T-Miles - award you points. This is so you can climb up on the user rankings.

When do I receive points for climbing the leaderboard?

You get T-Miles for:

  • Adding a parking area or spot;
  • Editing a parking area / spot;
  • Commenting or rating a parking area;
  • Report the occupancy of a parking area.

Please note:

  • If we have to merge a parking place because a duplicate parking was created, T-Miles are not granted;
  • You can report the occupancy every minute, you only get T-Miles every 60 minutes;
  • If you add a parking that does not exist, T-miles are not awarded.